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Memorial data on North American Rally Drivers and Navigators and also those from Europe who have competed in North American events. Also included are any team members or major figures from the world of performance rallying. Please note that this is not intended as a finished site. It is only a placeholder as we gather information and share it with developers of a future site.

Eventually, this will be entered into a database for sorting and searching along with appropriate links. Thank you.

A Author (articles, reports, etc.)
C Crew Member
D Driver
I Industry (Constructors, Suppliers)
N Navigator
O Organizer
W Worker (Event)

Ctgry Name Born Died
----- --
SAsh, David 4-Jul-192224-Jan-2006
ACDINOWBell, Tom 26-Aug-195120-Jul-2009
NBellefleur, John Joseph 195129-Sep-2007
NBraund, William Henry 2-Nov-192016-Jan-2010
NBrewer, Bob ? 1936 1990
NCalvin, Jean ? 1997
NChappell, Marcus Stanley 17-Oct-193611-Feb-2010
ANDrake, Tom ? ?
DOWDavis, Jon M. 9-Aug-1936 4-Jan-2010
NBuffum, Victoria Upjohn Gauntlett27-Jul-1944 1-Oct-2002
IElliott, Del ? ?
DFreeman, Roger ? 12-Jul-2003
DFossett, Stephen 22-Apr-1944 3-Sep-2007
ANGrimshaw, Tom ? 26-Jun-2005
OSGunn, James ? ?
ADINOWHayes, Gary ? 26-Jun-2005
DINOWHenderson, Gene 17-Sep-1925 6-Apr-2005
DOWHourihan, Bob 1945 25-Dec-2005
DIOWJones, Eric 16-Dec-194224-Aug-2008
WLewandowski, Barbara ? ?-Oct-1978
DLovell, Mark 27-Mar-196012-Jul-2003
DMerrill, Carl 2-Mar-1936 3-Oct-1998
NMoore, Nick ? ? Jul-2008
NMulder, David ? ?
ONagel, John ? ? Dec-2004
DNewland, Larry 8-Jul-1957 5-Nov-1982
CDNicholas, Dave 12-Apr-1957 7-Jan-2008
DNordell, Sam ? 8-Jan-1964
DRodríguez de la Vega, Pedro 18-Jan-194011-Jul-1971
DSamida, Tom ? ?
NShepherd, Larry ? ?
WTurpening, Freone R. ? 2-Oct-1972
DWiley, R. Wayne 28-Oct-1945 5-Aug-1990
NWhitaker, Grant 24-Jul-195529-May-1982
DWoodner, John 8-Apr-194424-Apr-1988
DWoolf, John 29-Sep-195529-May-1982
DZwitzer, Richard D. 12-May-1931 5-Sep-2008

Excel spreadsheet with graphic timeline Please feel free to use this spreadsheet at any memorial rally gatherings. (The macros can be disabled--they were only for age calculations.)

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